Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vancouver airport

Walking to skytrain

We were up at 7am, scrambled eggs and a shower.  Sorted the apartment, a final pack & off before 9 to walk to the skytrain station at Davie & Pacific

Weather perfect -I wonder when we'll feel that delicious chill in the air again - the walk a great stretch in prep for our long day ahead.


$1.75 ride on the Canada line to VYR.  Smooth, silent and fast
 - my first time.

Check in

Checked in early & got good seats together - amazingly our one bag weighed only 11kg and we discovered the allowance is actually 23 kg each!

Fortified with a Starbucks coffee -

 Richard wants to hand me over to the computer and this blog process now that he has just about figured it all out.  He's a lot more patient with these things than I am!

Richard at the aquarium

The airport has been expanded hugely since I was last here - a visual feast of artwork and many temptations for the pocket.  The aquarium is home to dozens of pink anemones that are all open and waving their arms as well as local species of fish - I guess none of them eats the others!

What a struggle!
     I hope this process gets easier - right now it feels as if I am dealing with mischievous resident demons intent on thwarting my every step - the cursor jumps by itself, the text turns blue by itself and the whole thing suddenly disappears - perhaps this is the machine's way of controlling excessive verbiage. It is taking pity on you, dear reader!


  1. Nice blog! You keep this up for need 8 weeks will be impressive! And you got pictures in looks like pretty easily, im impressed.

    love alex

  2. ps. You might want to change how comments posted so dont have to log in or forced to enter a word verification. ie allow anonymous comments