Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Photos

Loading the bike - just prior to falling over in the middle of the road with it!

Packing bike prior to loading on train in Delhi

Docs for rail shipment to Madras

Poor W had to wait for hours!

Waiting for the train

On train - note tent to hide Thai Muslim woman sharing compartment!

Wendy offered R these left-overs!

Indian friends on train

I caught her face with this one!

Watching movie together

Arrival in Madras

Unloading the bike

Electric engine that pulled us for 35 hours Delhi - Madras

Unpacked bike - just needs gas & then ready to go

Fort George museum- mostly on British India. Lots of prints

Materials for making prints

Model of Fort George

Anstruther was captured by the Chinese, beaten, bound & transported in a small wooden cage.  He was eventually released & told the tale

The small cage

A birthday treat for this little boy

Wellington hospital - where Helen (R's sister) was born in Madras

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