Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Looking back to the entry gate to the Taj

Well, here we are !

Taj classic

Lured/driven into the mosaic tile workshop to see "a govt-sponsored demonstration on how some of the Taj was built."  Next we are taken into the showroom to be sold a "souvenir of out Taj visit".

More goodies to resist - splendid as they are

Tomb of an important man - Agra

Most of these people are riding something - pedestrians on the sides

I guess this used to be a moat or canal but...

Roasting hooves of cows? on the street

Overpaying (60cts)  for a papaya amused the locals  - never a dearth of witnesses!

Waiting for the train from Agra to Varanasi

This kid entered our train compartment & cadged chips!

Richard has a full-body massage ($7) by the Ganges

Roof-top view of the Ganges

Pilgrims embark on the Ganges

Lured again - to see hand-weaving of silk

And the sting - buying silk!

Varanasi from a roof-top
Buying more silk "Fixed price"

Typical shop generator on the street with open wires - no CSA here

Carrying firewood

Buddha temple at Sarnath - Important Buddhist site

Wise words

School children waiting to enter the Deer Park

The Deer ( It was  Deer park when Buddha was here)

Picture for Katherine - how to keep deer of trees

Tableau - Buddha preaching 1st sermon to Disciples at Deer Park

R watering direct descendant of original Bodhi tree

Wendy tying scarf to Bohdi tree

The lure again - hand-weaving silk

Watching prayers to mother Ganga (Ganges) from a boat

Prayers and singing

A meal on the train Varanasi - Delhi

Irfan - the man who conned us into believing he was selling us train tickets to Madras, and then sold us  an expensive tour to Agra, Varanasi etc!

R gets shoe-shine in Delhi

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