Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Shanghai Airport
A vast airport - we waited a long time for the hotel
 pick up   thatnever came - finally phoned and were directed outside to join several families of Indians on their way to the Punjab.
We were put in a separate bus, however, and only when the larger one was full did some of the other  passengers join us along with heaps of luggage.

Friendly Hotel staff Shanghai
We were all packed in - or rather, the staff and a few passengers were,  We had
seats.  The staff came to help
load and unload everything.

Shanghai Hotel Room

We looked out over the city of apartment blocks in all directions on a flat plain - a bit like Mississauga in density and homogeneity except
that the buildings were painted different colours and had varied roof shapes and arrangements of shingles but they were still in rows of blocks of apartments.  Very comfy bed and great shower.
A lot of haze.

View from window

Egg boiled in black spices

Roof-top restaurant
 Cold breakfast eggs - curious flavour - one might even think suspicious flavour...
A breakfast to remember but  -not necessarily seek to repeat - as well as the eggs, there were slices of pound cake, some chopped mixed canned veggies in mayo, some slices of very pink spam equivalent, cold noodles and a brown liquid labelled coffee.

View from the roof

We took the elevator to the top floor and were able to go into the closed rooftop restaurant to look around - gold satin covers on the chairs and the same fabric for the curtains but if the purpose was to enjoy the view, someone needed to clean the windows!

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