Friday, December 10, 2010

To Delhi & Delhi

Long wait in nice restaurant at Shanghai Airport

Buying paid taxi voucher Delhi airport
Finally helped by a man in a uniform who saw me wandering with a piece of paper flapping in my hand, and he phoned the hotel for me & we were told to get a prepaid government taxi at $7.00  and the hotel would reimburse us.  We lined up for that and then went out to bay 19 to which we had been assigned and got into a waiting taxi.  Very efficient so far!!

Taxi ride jnfo Delhi - 15 miles - 2 hours!

But the 15mile ride into town took about 2 hours at a speed slower than walking.  The road had three lanes marked but drivers had no regard for the judgement that the road was built to accommodate 3 lanes and they filled in two extra to make 5 instead which brought everyone into intimate relation as we watched each other edging forward, horns announcing every few yards advanced and heralding the anticipated next shift forward.

By the time we reached the hotel, it was nearly 10:30 p.m.

Delhi hotel room with a view into a shaft!

Garbage & pigs outside the hotel

Breakfast in Delhi

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  1. The garbage is rather shocking. Good to hear from you and now that I've figured out how to become a friend, I hope that you will see that we are following your adventures closely. Looking forward to the next update.