Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Richard alone day 3

Trees by the road

Fortunately, my eye was good enuf to see when I woke up, so I take off early. 

On many roads, there are trees that must have been planted by the Brits.  In some places they are huge & magnificent, creating a shaded tunnel for the roads. Other places, like this they are sparse.  The Brits must have planned to stay in India a long time when they were planting.  Very little evidence of recent roadside tree planting. 


Breakfast on Dosa for 25cts in Mysore, then 2 hours on the net on emails and the blog.

Mysore palace

Then the Mysore palace. Built about 1910 on a design by a Brit, the palace makes the centre of the city.  Sumptious and expensive

Computer bookstore - Mysore

Macdonalds on the Bangalore road

Munching a "Big Marahajah"

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  1. Just back from three days skiing. Mmmmmm, a big marahajah! How was it? When are you back? K.