Monday, January 3, 2011

Jan 3 Kodai & PCK

Snack break on the road
On the winding road up to Kodaikanal we stopped at a fruit stand and sampled custard apples, pomegranates, a chinese pear, highland bananas - very dry - another fruit whose name we didn't catch but enjoyed - brown and oval with tough skin and inside a bit like a guava - may have been a guava actually, tree tomatoes which one eats by cutting off the top and sucking out the seeds - the flesh was all right too but tended to shrivel the insides of he mouth

Entrance to PCK 

View up driveway
PCK (Presentation Convent Kodaikanal) is the school where Richard & two elder sisters attended.  

We all boarded here - Richard for ages 6,7 & 8 - leaving for boarding school in England in 1948.  Helen & Diana stayed on until 1952


Inside the Chapel

1948 Yearbook - Richard 3rd from right in last row

R's sister Diana - centre of middle row

R's sister Helen - centre of middle row


  1. I am alumnus of PCK too (1975-81) We have a PCKites group on Facebook for all students who studied at PCK. Since the centenary is coming up in 2016, we are searching for all PCkites around the world and would love to hear more from you. :)

  2. My brother and sister - Michael and June Cryer, are in the photos above, two of my other sisters also went to the school, Pam and Susan, although Susan was the youngest of the four and only went briefly to the school.

    1. I remember June as a friend of my sister. if you she would like to contact her, please email me at

    2. This brings back lovely memories. Thank you for sharing.

  3. all the girls I used to seems so long long ago. What beautiful memories. I am still in contact from time to time with Helen Strachan. Was in PCK years 1951, 1952, 1953.
    Janina, Michael (deceased), Barbara, Boris (deceased) WALLAUSCHEK