Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dec 28 Trichy

 State Bank of India (formerly Imperial Bank of India) at Trichy. Richard's father worked here in the 1930's
Street Sceen Trichy

 Inside the Rock fort Temple - first built in the 12th century on this massive rock hill that dominates the city
 Climbing the 400 steps to the top where blessings are offered by loin cloth clad priests.  We were offered some sweets and given a card with good wishes.  A kind compromise for the unbelievers.
 View from the top looks down on the old fort that is now a temple. Situated below the crown of the hilltop
 Typical temple - what is amazing, despite the endless repetition of the images, is partly the repetition, of course, but also the detail and variety and number of sculptures at each level of the layers that make up each tower. Gods sit upon angels, are attended by buxom maidens, are presented in all their multiple incarnations, shown protected by demons and sharp-fanged dragons with bulging eyes. and sheltered in alcoves with pillared lintels inscribed with stories of their lives.
Doorway to a temple

Vast temple in Trichy from roof-top 

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