Saturday, January 1, 2011

December 27 Trichy

Auroville visitor area

Sunday, Boxing Day, we found the little museum and also drove out of town to Auroville, 
an international community set up in the late 60's with a vision of creating a place for communal living that would encourage everyone's talents and the development of overall well-being, with no sense of individual ownership but much sharing and cooperation.
Auroville city plan

Auroville City centre the "matramatr?"

Bicycle lockup, Pondy - a threaded rope through the wheels!
The community has survived into the present, employs 4000 local Indian workers, and is home to 2100 residents.  About 900 Indian. 300 ea German & French, 25 Canadian

They have an impressive record for developing ecologically friendly and sustainable homes, schools, manufacturing, power and so on.  We went to the visitor centre which apparently attracts hundreds of people everyday.
Puncture-walla's shop


Our bike gets some minor repairs

Standard mechanic fee schedule Rs44 = $1

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