Friday, October 7, 2011

Sea to Sea Icebergs etc NL

Reluctant to leave the barrens of L'Anse aux Meadows, we took a long trail along the cliffs and round back to the parking lot.  A bit windy and a bit chilly, but invigorating :-)
Norris Point had been mentioned to us as a spot not to miss, so we detoured on the way back down the coast and parked for the night at the lookout.
Still on the way down the coast, we found a lookout from which we could see the Tablelands Mountains and also the hill we climbed just in front of them and on the right in the picture.

The route across the province from Cornerbrook was not too scenic - fairly flat with some ravines, short scubby trees and lots of bog.   We reached Twillingate in the late afternoon and went straight up to the lighthouse from which we had great views of the area.  We clambered around on the trails there and looked down the steep cliffs to the brilliant sea below.

The lighthouse lookout was well fenced, in contrast to the multiple unfenced trails.  Very very windy and pretty cold too!

Unable to resist walking part way down the trails, we started down but then saw how far it was to the bottom and how the light was fading and we still had the icebergs to see - so went back up.

These enormous ships of solid ice look lost in these waters.  Drifting south from home in the Arctic or Greenland.

In the sunlight and close to shore, they gleam, their sides beaded with sweat.
Richard thinks we have seen icebergs before, but I don't remember them.  In this bay, there were also numerous rowing boat size pieces of ice.  Apparently they are often driven by wind and tide toward shore.

Twillingate is a pretty little town whose whales and icebergs provide a living for lots of tour boat owners.  We  looked for somewhere to eat before setting off again, but again chose the grocery store and home-cooking.  We have not had much luck with restaurants - breakfast is usually okay but often we have our tea and make our own. 

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  1. Got the sweater and wearing it now, thanks! Enjoying the blog and the great photos!